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Rules: No links to other websites regarding the same content; except for youtube, wikipedia, google, yahoo, don't drag the words. Ex: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whyyyyyyyyyyyyy hiiiiiiii. You are not allowed to use bad words of any kind. You are not allowed to pretend to be the mod or admin, You can not post hate messages towards an organization or towards an individual. You are not allowed to repeat the same messages multiple times, if we feel you are disturbing the peace within the chat room, you will be banned. We will not threaten you saying that you will be banned, you will be banned without a warning if you are found breaking the rules or abusing someone indirectly or directly. If you have complaints contact: admintamiltwist or ttmod2014, do not email from the website, as it is no longer being checked every single day, and you might not get a response on time. Do no put down ones religion/culture/race/colour of their skin. If you feel this is not the place for you, please exit.